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5 Keys to Automating HR

Posted on August 15th, 2017 by Chris

(This is a summary of the original article by Unicorn HRU)

Automating human resources is one of the greatest things that you can do for your business. You'll see an improvement in productivity, especially in your HR department, fewer mistakes made, easier employee benefits management, and even an uptick in profits once you make the switch to automating human resources. Small companies may not bother with automating human resources, but once your business moves into the mid-sized corporation, it becomes a requirement. Luckily individual steps and considerations can support the process of automating human resources a bit easier. 

Here are 5 answers to successfully automating human resources:

I. Pick the Right Software – There are different solutions on the market to help with automating human resources, but not all are created equally. If you want to ensure that the transition goes easily you will need to select the right system for your business. Choose one that will handle all of the functions you need it to, even some that you need in the future. Be sure that it is a  simple to understand and use a system so that your HR department can make the adjustment to automating human resources quickly. Job Pal offers one of the best practices on the market for automating human resources. 

II. Spread the Word Early – Some people love a routine, so take the time to send out a memo or mass email letting all of your employees know that the process of automating human resources is coming. In most cases, your agents will have a responsibility in automating human resources. 

III. Train your HR Department –  Be sure that you use the time to prepare your HR department in every phase of the process. The new system should be easy to use, but make sure that each part of automating human resources is understood before the training team leaves.

IV. Train your other Employees – A new CRM system with a new method of candidate engagement and many other factors of automating human resources will need to be demonstrated to everyone in your organisation. Hold trainings, that are focused on automating human resources and be sure that all of your employees know just what automating human resources requires and what their part is in it.

V. Be Patient –  Automating human resources will increase your bottom line, decrease human errors, improve productivity, and much more. But this does not happen overnight.  With a little patience, once everyone has adjusted to the new practice of automating human resources you will start to notice a genuine difference in several aspects of your company. Automating human resources is an investment you won't regret.

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