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5 Hacks To Improve Your Recruitment Process

Posted on May 29th, 2017 by Rebecca

Recruitment hacking is a new concept that could help you improve your recruitment efforts and set yourself apart from the noisy recruitment market.

Simply, it is the streamlining of processes by using quick, low cost hacks. This allows you to have more time to spend on more important things, like providing a great candidate experience, and less time on things that don't matter - such as inbox admin.


Sounds great, right? But, what hacks can you quickly adapt now to improve your recruitment efforts, candidate experience and candidate engagement immediately?


Understand what you want


Firstly, it is important when hiring, to understand exactly what you want. What is the role, exactly what is it doing for the company, why is it needed and what would the gold standard hire have. This seems pretty obvious, but often when faced with recruiting it can be easy to just throw up any job advert without much thought.


Have recruitment brainstorming sessions whenever you need to make a hire. Think about if it is cost effective, what the person needs to have and what things you are willing to be flexible on. Including the wider team is key in this, if everyone understands clearly why the role is needed and the type of person required, then using your employees to refer and advocate will be much more reliable.

Spending time understanding the role, will mean that you can hack later stages of your recruiting efforts. Targeting, content, job description and advocacy from employees will all be more focussed and high-quality, leading to a better quality of interested candidates. This will make filling the role a lot more seamless and a quicker process - so put in the groundwork at the beginning.


Reduce Friction


The main aim in your initial recruitment efforts is to get applicants. Reducing the friction it causes candidates to get to that goal of applying is a really important hack to improve your candidate recruitment strategy.


So, how do you reduce friction for the candidate? When posting the job application, or any content relating to the job, ask yourself is everything here clearly and simply contributing to the goal of maximum applicants. Having pages and pages of boxes to fill in, unattractive landing pages and unnecessary hurdles to application, means that you may lose valuable candidates.

Try and streamline your application forms, to the bare minimum. Whilst this might seem counterproductive as you only want very committed candidates applying, the first hack will save you time. By creating the optimal job description and cutting down on the application form whilst keeping it visually pleasing, will save you time having to rearrange, reword and replace it when you aren’t converting any candidates.


Manage Time


Scheduling your time as a recruiter is a really important hack to nail. Mismanagement of time is the number one thing that leads to wasted recruiting efforts.


Don't let your inbox rule your entire day. It can be easy as a recruiter to become glued to your email inbox, as it is the main communication tool with candidates, however if you're not careful a whole day can be spent trying to work your way through it. This isn't optimal working, as you need to focus on other projects which will improve your candidate experience and candidate engagement, rather than just solely working on candidate screening. The best way to ensure you're giving each part of your recruitment process the necessary attention is to structure your day to give three dedicated blocks of time for email management; half an hour in the morning, half an hour after lunch, and half an hour before leaving.

Making sure you aren’t distracted by emails popping up throughout the day, will allot time to be spent on other projects and also mean you are focussed solely on delivering the best work to the task at hand. Similarly, avoiding multitasking is also important, as studies have shown productivity actually decreases when you’re trying to multitask.


So, hacking your work schedule, to focus on one project for a certain amount of time and then moving on will increase your recruitment efforts, increase positive candidate engagement and experience. If you're finding it difficult to streamline your time by better management, then looking into HR automation can help with this. Automating hiring processes, such as initial conversations with candidates through chatbots, will allow you to have the necessary time for other projects without having to self-manage your time better, this could be the best solution for hacking your recruitment strategy for better results.


Double down on content


Creating a solid content strategy is an easy, cost effective hack to improve your recruiting efforts. Social recruiting is based a lot on the content you’re creating and pushing out. Putting the effort into your content, will create the basis for a strong employer brand, help candidates associate positive attributes towards your brand and therefore increase successful applications to any jobs you post in the future.


Make sure to create a steady stream of specific content, targeted at the audience you want to recruit. Spend time understanding the community and things that are important to them. This will then continually work in the background as a recruitment tool for building candidate’s perception of your brand, helping them to understand you and in the long run making your job as a recruiter much easier. Having informed candidates will allow for a better quality of applicants and therefore streamline the later, more time intensive recruitment processes.




The best hack that you can implement really is automating as many processes as possible, without impairing the candidate experience. Automating processes is a quick way to give you time to spend on the processes that need more care and personal time.


HR automation at the early stages, and automating social recruiting, is the perfect answer to spend less time at the start of the recruitment funnel and more time at the end when you have highly qualified candidates to choose between. Adding software such as chatbots, will provide your recruitment team with the extra time to be more effective, whilst not compromising the candidate experience or engagement as they will still get that one on one attention they require.




Recruitment hacking is essential to improving candidate experience later down the line, to have high-quality applicants, and an attractive employer brand. What are your hacking tactics? We'd love to hear of any that have improved your hiring! Comment below.

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